Get Your Business Online

The Yellow Pages are dead, and if you’re not managing its replacement, you’re invisible.

According to Google, 94% of mobile users search for local stores on their phone, and 51% of those searches end in a visit to a business. If you haven’t recently, search your business on your phone; you should immediately see your phone number, address, and accurate hours on the first screen. If so, skip this post. Otherwise…

Go to and search for your business. Google will walk you through the process of entering the information you need to be visible to the growing mobile search market. This website, created by Google, also has information and support for small businesses looking to grow.

To ensure that no one has claimed your business illicitly, they will send you a postcard with instructions on verifying your listing. You won’t show up immediately, but you can start adding photos and entering key information like your hours of operation, website, and a business description.

It’s free, easy, and it works.