The Potter's House High School construction update


New Construction

  • Pre-construction
  • Design development
  • Financial/ budget control and cost analysis
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Construction closeout
  • Claims management and resolution services
Sharpe Collection Expansion- BMW, Grand Rapids, MIchigan



  • Assess facility condition
  • Budget development/control
  • Design development
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Construction closeout
  • Claims management and resolution services

Project Manager

Owner's Representative as Project Manager


Services by Phase

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Project scope development
  • Coordinate process and assist with selection of design team
  • Cooperatively work with the design team on project feasibility, alternative designs, materials and applications, and availability of materials and resource during conceptual design phase
  • Develop cost estimate and facilitate budget development to align with owner’s objectives
  • Perform value engineering studies
  • Assist in selection of project delivery method
  • Risk evaluation

Development Phase

  • Architect/engineer selection and team management
  • Using project feasibility feedback and budget parameters to coordinate project design and planning
  • Contract document development
  • Value engineering
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Constructability review
  • Project schedule development
  • Assist in obtaining site plan approval
  • General and supplementary conditions preparation

Financial/Budget Control and Cost Analysis Phase

  • Divisional budget development
  • Bid analysis and recommendations
  • Change order controls
  • Cost-to-complete estimates
  • Continuous budget alternatives and updates
  • Review and approval of pay applications
  • Monthly reporting and recommendations
  • Assist Fund development in prospect list development *
  • Team with Fund development to assist in attracting potential contributors*

Procurement Phase

  • Project delivery selection
  • Assistance in preparation of bid package
  • Prequalification of bidders
  • Bid analysis and recommendations
  • Facilitate additional inquiry/clarity prior to selection
  • Assistance in permitting
  • Review of insurance requirements
  • Negotiate contractor enhancements *
  • Articulate the need and special conditions relative to the project*

Construction Phase

  • Coordinate project team members
  • Attend owner, architect, contractor meetings
  • Monitor progress
  • Monitor adherence to the construction schedule
  • Monitor adherence to contract documents
  • Monitor safety compliance
  • Monitor RFI process
  • Owner’s fixtures, furniture and equipment, (FF&E) coordination
  • Coordinate vendors for telecommunication, audio/visual, data and network systems, food service, signage, moving…
  • Administer payment requisitions
  • Review change order proposals
  • Provide quality control
  • Coordinate possible donor visits to job site*
  • Updates to the owner board and committees*

Construction Close-out Phase

  • Assist with punch list development
  • Secure and deliver all required warranties and guarantees, affidavits, lien releases and waiver to owner
  • Ensure O&M manuals are submitted properly
  • Training coordination facilities and equipment
  • Review as-built drawings
  • Contract close-outs
  • Assist in obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
  • Key supporters scheduled for VIP showing*

Claims Management and Resolution Phase

  • Initial claim evaluation
  • Factual and technical investigations
  • Review planned versus actual performance comparison
  • Time and cost impact analysis
  • Interact with all parties to resolve dispute
  • Document discovery
  • Claim preparation and evaluation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Mediation/arbitration support
  • Deposition support
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Construction claims resolution

*Specifically related to Non-Profit projects
We specialize in on-time and under budget construction management and have a lengthy list of projects confirming our track record. We are proud to share our list of successful projects and kind references from many satisfied customers.