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Paw Paw Fire Department

The Paw Paw Fire Department (PPFD) has 40 active members and numerous honorary members. All of the members, including the officers, volunteer their time and energy receiving no compensation for the work that they do. Paw Paw is one of the very few departments left in the state that are entirely volunteer, and they are very proud of that tradition. The department services all of Paw Paw Township, the Village of Paw Paw and portions of Antwerp, Almena and Waverly Townships covering a total of 80 square miles. The Department responds to all fire emergencies as well as calls for extrication (jaws of life). In 2019, the department responded to about 225 calls for service.

Constructed in 1974 by the Village of Paw Paw and leased to the fire department, the existing facility at 115 E Berrien Street in Paw Paw has about 7,500 SF on two levels and has insufficient space for their equipment and vehicles.

The Department has outgrown this existing facility and is coordinating with Paw Paw Township to have Schley-Nelson Architects design a new 17,000 – 20,000 SF building on a 4.2 acre parcel at the intersection of Gremps and Fadel in the Village of Paw Paw. Site clearing and some site work has been completed through a donation by Lounsbury Excavating. There will also be an alternate for a pre-engineered training facility. Paw Paw Township will fund this project with a millage/bond that passed by the community at special election in August of 2021.