TecNiq, Inc. has plans to expand its facility at 9100 E. Michigan Ave in Galesburg, Michigan. They are an industry leader in injection mold production for safety lights and circuit board assembly. We are proud to partner with TecNiq for this expansion.  Intersect Architects will design the interiors, Howard Overbeek oversees the general architecture and Cornerstone Construction will construct the project.

Inside the addition of 24,000 square feet of manufacturing space, several new plastic machine molds will increase production capacity along with a new receiving dock and machine room to accommodate the building of molds.  Additionally, the second-floor mezzanine will be built out to allow the engineering department to move into newly constructed space.

With a heavy focus on quality and functionality, these new spaces are designed to make the most of the new addition and provide the best value for the client.

The anticipated completion of the project is scheduled for early 2021.TecNiq Expansion Galesburg, Michigan Exterior

TecNiq Expansion Galesburg, Michigan Interior