Why Choose to ReUse?

1. Emotions

  • Preserve interesting, historical landmarks that served different uses in the past. Some people even choose to use these nostalgic purposes of a proper for new entity names such as Ice Rink, LLC or Five and Dime Corporation in order to honor the history of the building.
  • Remind citizens of powerful memories of people shopping when they were younger or spending time with grandparents.
  • Repurposing these buildings that hove industrial 0r fascinating uses lend to make them hip and cool when elements are emphasized from the past. Having on old fire bell hanging above a bar that used to be a fire station creates atmosphere and memory logging. Preserving same original details transferred identity to a new generation.

2. Less Up Front Planning

  • With a structure in place normally setbacks, right of ways, access and other details for construction are already set.
  • Speeds up construction timeline.
  • Determined footprints set parameters for design, space utilization and overall square foot cost.

3. Location

  • Often, existing buildings are irreplaceable in terms of geographical location downtown whether it be a corner lot with visibility or next to a natural water feature.
  • Historical buildings can be beautiful and have gorgeous specific elements that enhance a town.

4. Finances and Timeline

  • In Michigan, sale and municipal funding is available to historical sites or sites that are blighted.
  •  Environmental funding can also he secured for properties that might need clean up or selective demolition.
  • Hopefully by reusing a building there is less demolition cost and a quicker timeframe.
  • Reusing and recycling a building means less environmental impact.

5. Spur Other Development

  • By selecting on existing structure, often times a project can be a catalyst for other development nearby.
  • Others will want to be on the front side of trendy areas, up and coming sites, and be inspired by someone figuring it out