Owner’s Representative Services

The Barton Group’s team of construction professionals offers Owner’s Representative services for clients embarking on new construction or renovation projects. TBG protects clients’ interests, needs, and priorities of a project from conception to completion. We support our project partners from site selection, design, construction, closeout, and furnishing. Giving our clients peace of mind knowing their priorities, time, and money are protected.

Why TBG?

Our team has worked in all aspects of commercial construction; from estimating and bidding, contract administration, field supervision,  project management, and executive oversight. We speak construction and will help you navigate your project, stay on top of critical items, make sure your dollars are spent wisely, and keeping construction schedules aligned. We consider ourselves an extension of you, providing project oversight and ensuring your best interests are met every step of the way. Our team improves the communication flow between you, your designers, and your construction team leading to successful and enjoyable projects.

TBG Advantage

  • Dedicated Project Support
  • Reduce Financial Risk
  • Gain Budget & Schedule Control
  • Reduce Owner Resource Needs
  • Resolution Support
  • Select the Right Site
  • Save Project Costs
  • Stakeholder Support   
  • Get the Right Team for You
  • Get Updates from Anywhere
  • Peace of Mind

TBG Tasks

  • Review Invoices & Billings
  • Review Contracts
  • Manage Cash Flow & Projections
  • Manage Changes & Contingencies
  • Manage Project Teams
  • Track Costs
  • Fundraising Support 
  • Owner Reporting
  • Guidance & Project Support 
  • Collaborate with Project Teams

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Construction Inspection Services

Reduce risk as a financial stakeholder on a construction project with The Barton Group’s Inspection Services. TBG’s team ensures that your financial expenditures are paying for completed, successful construction.

We can help to:
Review project drawings, specifications, and contracts
Review project budgets
Review appraisals and pricing

Who benefits?
Commercial lenders
Title companies
Private building owners

Our Team:

  • Reviews onsite progress
  • Provides detailed reports
  • Evaluates payment applications
  • Reviews Project Documents 

It is our goal to provide front-end project insight and construction progress oversight to mitigate our client’s financial exposure. The Barton Group has partnerships throughout the commercial lending sector and are proud to support community growth and local businesses.