5 Commercial Landscaping Tips

When you are deciding the exterior of your building it is critical to think about potential tenants, visitors, and the overall use of the building.

Choose Perennials

Choose perennials( plants that come back every year) that bloom for long periods of the season and take little maintenance such as cone flowers, daylilies, hydrangeas, and salvia. Intermix annuals (plants that only last for one season) for pops of continuous summer color in highly visible and traveled areas such as mailboxes, entrances, pots, and walkways.

Think About Visibility and Safety

Plants should complement property lights and not leave room for trespassers to hide. they can also provide shade for outdoor enjoyment and cooling efficiency. Be careful to make sure any overhanging trees do not pose a hazard to building or parking lot integrity.

Use Plants as Protection

Use plants as protection to make your building and pavement last as long as possible. Plant evergreen bushes along west property lines to protect against winter winds and snow. Use plants with quick spreading roots to help stabilize hillsides. Use a foot friendly ground cover if your property is pet tolerant so that waste is easily removed and accidents are hidden from sight.

Plants Can Help Guide Visitors

Remember plants can help guide visitors to notice signs and entrances. Use them as boundaries and accents to call attention to specific property aspects. When planting, give thought to interior views from windows and corridors.

Give Your Property Year-Round Interest

With out gray, snowy winters, think about textures and evergreen colors to give your property year-round interest. Grasses, pines, boxwoods, red twigged dogwoods, and other perennials will help make the winter landscape appealing as well.

When given a choice between buildings of equal characteristics, most buyers and tenants end up choosing one that is the most aesthetically appealing and landscaping is a crucial piece of exterior excellence.