So You Signed a Lease

Here are several things to consider as you review your lease and move into your new space.

  • Insurance – Make sure you contact your insurance agent to make sure they are aware of your new location and insurance requirements in the lease. Depending on your requirements, the Landlord will need a copy naming them as additional insured and your agent might need pictures of your new location.
  • Signage – How do you want to brand your physical location? Do you need window film, vinyl with your hours, pylon signage, channel letters? Does the center have a process for approving artwork and attachment mechanisms? What are the requirements of the municipality?
  • Regulations – If not provided in the lease, ask your landlord or property manager about rules for the property. Some important items include pet policies, parking assignments, temperature control, and hours of operation.
  • Mail – Another thing to investigate is how mail works at your new location. Is there a mailbox for each tenant? Does the mail carrier come into each suite? Remember to change your address of all entities. Introducing yourself to your new mail carrier can be helpful, too; maybe you can even find out their favorite treats for all of their hard work.
  • Promotions – Since this is big news in your business, let all of your referral partners and clients know about your new location. Tell them about logistics for coming to your space such as the location of parking or entrance. An open house to promote your new space or a ribbon cutting with the local chamber can help to increase your exposure.

Once the intense lease negotiations are complete, it is time to celebrate your new location. Have fun with meeting the neighbors, checking out nearby eateries, and decorating to your liking. Congratulations on this new phase!